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Technical parameters

Image sensor 1/2″ Sony 2MP CMOS sensor
Min. lighting Color: 0.002 Lux/F1.4, B/W: 0.0005 Lux/F1.4
Electronic shutter Auto/Manuel(1/5~1/100000),FLK
Day Night ICR switch, auto, color, B/W
Lens interface CS (CC pilot)
Signal-to-noise ratio ≥50db (AGC OFF)
WDR WDR (off/low/medium/high)
Light panel control Auto/Manual/Off
3D N/R Off/ Low/ Medium/ High/ High
Demisting Off/ Low/ Medium/ High
Mirroring Off/ Horizontal/ Vertical/ 180º rotation/ Corridor mode (90º rotation, 270º rotation)
Slow shutter Off/On, default off
Exposure control Shutter/Gain
Image adjustment Brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, hue, white balance
Video compression H.265/ H.264
H.265 encoding Main profile
H.264 encoding Base line / Main profile / High profile
Encoding features NTSC: consumer: 1920X1080@30fps, sub-flux: D1@30fps
PAL: consumer: 1920X1080@25fps, sub-flux: D1@25fps
Third stream NTSC/PAL:1920X1080@10fps
Video bitrate Constant bit rate, variable bit rate (16kbps ~ 8000kbps)
Video type Complex flow/video flow
Audio compression G.711u
Audio bitrate 64Kbps
Audio control Input volume (0-100), output volume (0-100)
KING Supports 4 zones, multi-step level
Access protocol ONVIF, GB28181 (optional)
The navigator IE11 support
Video preview in the meantime 8
User authorization Add/modify/delete users, manage authorizations
Safe mode Authorized username and password, HTTPS and AES link encryption, RTSP verification
Motion detection Define detection zone, multi-level sensitivity can be configured
Sabotage alarm 1 zone
Privacy mask 4 sectors
Intelligent analysis Target counting, left/loss, area detection, line crossing, face capture
Event linking Snapshot, TF card video, FTP download or e-mail, alarm output link, predefined link
Multicast function Support
ANR Support, match with NVR
Mobile surveillance Apple, Android support
Device exception detection Supports network disconnection, IP conflict, illegal access alarm.
OSD Title, time/date overlay, multi-line OSD, optional color OSD
daylight saving time Support
Snapshot Supports snapshot; snapshot resolution is the encoding resolution.
System update Remote update support
Face detection number Synchronization detection≤30pcs static face targets, ≤10pcs dynamic face targets
Face detection size Face pixel:≥80×80(Face detection capture pixel: 32~300)
Posture Capture at less than 20 degrees vertical and 30 degrees horizontal
Shelter Recognizable with ordinary glasses and a short fringe, the hair
Expression Recognizable by a slight expression
Capture rate Capture rate≥99% (meet above conditions)
Response rate ≤1 second
Eliminate face repetition Interval capture (interval duration: 1 to 10,000 ms)
Input capture (input time: 1 to 10,000 ms), capture number (1 to 3)
Leave capture (capture number 1 ~ 3)
Input and output capture
Face quality filtering FaceQualityThreshold (0 ~ 10), the higher the value, the better the quality of the captured images
Capture image quality (1 ~ 99)
Max. image size (32 ~ 1920 pixels)
Face detection zone Face detection zone size adjustment
Adjusting the size of the face protection zone
The largest face only Detects only the largest face at the front of the capture/closure frame
Max. detection frame rate 15fps
Facial recognition quality level On Off
Scene graphics On Off
Face tracking Face detection and tracking/untracking
Dynamic face exposure Support
Image format The output side presents an image, a complete image, jpg. format image
Download mode FTP、SDK/API、GA/T1399 1400
Facial data information (time, ID, score, etc.)
Network interface RJ45 10M/100M adaptive network
audio 1CH (line input) \ 1CH (line output)
Alarm input Input 1CH
Alarm output Output 1CH
Reset Support
RS485 Support
TF card Supports Max 128G, local Micro SD card storage (SDHC/SDXC)
Operating temperature -20°C ~ 55°C
Operating humidity 0﹪-90﹪
Degree of protection /
Power source DC12V/AC24V optional
PoE Optional
Energy consumption (max) <6W
Dimension(mm) 62(W)*58(H)*138(L)mm
Weight/PC(g) 400g

2MP Face Capture Body Camera-UNIQ-M5831/200W

◆ Sony 2MP 1/2″ CMOS sensor
◆ Deep learning face algorithm is adopted to extract face feature value comparison and produce optimal image
◆ Detect, track, mark and filter the moving face and produce the optimal face capture graphic.
◆ Support face capture automatic image mat output function,

◆ Supports face in and out mode to automatically filter the optimal face and reduce repeated captures . 2M resolution (1920X1080 @ 30fps)

◆ Support for low bit rate, low delay and ROI-enhanced encoding

◆ H. 265 high compression efficiency, saves bandwidth and storage space OSD color can be adjusted

◆ Supports corridor mode, increases surveillance area in longitudinal strip environment
◆ Supports 3D digital N/R, WDR
◆ Supports automatic electronic shutter function, adapts to different surveillance environments
◆ Supports various smart alarms
◆ Supports GB28181, Onvif access
◆ Supports HTTPS encryption transmission
◆ Start original equipment to change password and ensure password security
◆ Support for e-mail, FTP, NTP, DDNS
◆ Support for 1CH alarm input / 1CH alarm output
◆ Support for local Micro SD card storage (128G)
◆ PoE support (optional)

Product and service quality

2MP Face Capture Body Camera-UNIQ-M5831/200Wa New-POS innovation for advanced access control. Our commitment to quality is reflected in every detail of this product, ensuring unsurpassed safety.

2MP Face Capture Body Camera-UNIQ-M5831/200W and other products from Surveillance cameras are available at new-pos. Our dedicated team is on hand to provide all the information and support you need to choose the Access control solution that offers the right security for your facility.

Thanks to our national presence, our Surveillance cameras solutions are available in Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech, Agadir, Tangier and other Moroccan cities. New-POS strives to meet your needs quickly and efficiently, wherever you are in the kingdom.

For special projects, our team is ready to develop customized solutions. Request a quote today and find out how our Surveillance cameras can be perfectly adapted to your unique needs.

New-POS, your trusted partner for intelligent, reliable access control in Morocco.

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2MP Face Capture Body Camera-UNIQ-M5831/200W

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2MP Face Capture Body Camera-UNIQ-M5831/200W

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