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Managed Services

Opting for a complete outsourcing of the management of information systems, by entrusting specialists in the hosting and outsourcing of its infrastructures, is becoming more and more a strategic choice.

By taking care of, among other things technical maintenance, monitoring, supervision, or backupNEW POS allows you to focus on your core business with peace of mind, while advising you and accompanying you on a daily basis in the creation of infrastructures that will meet your needsand that will allow you to reach your goals.




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Silver medal 1


Relying on professional infrastructures and network, this level guarantees a customer and material support, associated with a general supervision layer.

Gold medal 2


In addition to the above services, a customized monitoring layer is added, as well as support for the management of operating systems.

Platinium Medal 3


The most complete level, it includes the previous services and guarantees the complete outsourcing of the company’s information systems, with a dedicated team of technicians, but also the global management of the operating systems.

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