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Hydraulic road blocker

Hydraulic roadblocks are widely used in parking lots, traffic or toll systems. Users can control the parking barrier with the remote control or the manual button, which is very practical. It can be used in residential areas, traffic control, commercial building parking lots, shopping mall parking lots, industry, hotels, toll booths, etc.

Key benefits:

  • Control system: Electrohydraulic
  • Voltage: Three-phase 380V,(Control voltage 24V)
  • LED light color: red, blue, green, white… (customized)
  • Color: red, blue, green, yellow… (can be customized)
  • Material thickness: 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm (optional)
  • Material: A3 steel, anti-rust spray paint
  • Buffer function: buffer time: 0.2 s-0.5 s
  • It can be controlled manually; if the power is cut, it will fall off.
  • Gang control interface
  • Reliable structure, heavy load, smooth action, low noise.
  • Reversible up/down operation is available.
  • The hydraulic drive is supplied with a hydraulic lock.
  • Welding cylinder
  • PLC programming control system
  • The LCD screen has both Chinese and English menus.
  • Integrated encryption system PLC
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders: HOB63-200CA+I Stroke200; Heavy-duty industrial level
  • Double dynamic oil pump 2.3ML/time
  • Hydraulic oil hose: international PT interface, 1/2″ double-wire high-pressure hose

Material characteristics of the Hydraulic Roadblock:

Flow pressure ≤120 tonnes of container trucks
Dynamic system power 3.75KW
Rise time ≤1-3S (adjustable)
Autumn weather ≤1-3S (adjustable)
Running noise ≤60 DB
Oil tank 60 liters
Solenoid control valve 24V
Lifting solenoid valve 24V
Remote control range Approx. .50-100m
Operating temperature -35℃~75℃ (appropriate)
Waterproof IP68, double sealed
Mass 1.5T

Custom size, hydraulic road blocker In MOROCCO:

Standard size: (mm), can be customized.

L2000*W1400*H760, headroom:900 (customized) L2500*W1400*H760, headroom:900(personnalized)

L3000*W1400*H760, headroom:900 (customized) L3500*W1400*H760, headroom:900(personnalized)

L4000*W1400*H760, headroom:900 (customized) L4500*W1400*H760, headroom:900(personnalized)

L5000*W1400*H760, mounting height: 900 (customized) L5500*W1400*H760, mounting height: 900 (customized)

L6000*W1400*H760, Rising height:900(Customized)

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Hydraulic road blocker

Intelligent Access Control for Road Safety

This hydraulic road blocker is an ideal solution for access control in various environments such as parking lots, traffic or toll booths. Suitable for residential areas, road traffic, commercial parking lots, shopping centers, industry, hotels, toll booths, etc.

Highlights :

  • Electro-hydraulic control system for reliable performance.
  • Manual control possible in the event of a power failure.
  • Robust structure, heavy load, gentle action, low noise.
  • Reversible operation during ascent and descent.
  • Hydraulic lock for enhanced safety.
  • Dynamic double oil pump for optimum performance.

Product and service quality

Hydraulic road blockera New-POS innovation for advanced access control. Our commitment to quality is reflected in every detail of this product, ensuring unsurpassed safety.

Hydraulic road blocker and other products from road safety are available at new-pos. Our dedicated team is on hand to provide all the information and support you need to choose the Access control solution that offers the right security for your facility.

Thanks to our national presence, our road safety solutions are available in Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech, Agadir, Tangier and other Moroccan cities. New-POS strives to meet your needs quickly and efficiently, wherever you are in the kingdom.

For special projects, our team is ready to develop customized solutions. Request a quote today and find out how our road safety can be perfectly adapted to your unique needs.

New-POS, your trusted partner for intelligent, reliable access control in Morocco.

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Hydraulic road blocker, Access control - NEW POS

Hydraulic road blocker

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Hydraulic road blocker, Access control - NEW POS

Hydraulic road blocker

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