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Walk-through metal detector: UM500

Product benefits

The metal detector’s access control panel is designed for use by authorized personnel with specific multi-level security codes. It allows authorized users to modify parameters such as detection program and sensitivity. A tamper alarm sounds within 10 seconds of pressing the access touchpad, unless a correct access code is entered.

  • The covered socket under the rain shelter ;
  • The top is like an umbrella away from the machine body, about 5 cm.
  • Alarm strength indicator on control panel
  • Password protection, only authorized personnel can operate.
  • Power-on self-diagnosis program, no need for initial or periodic calibration;
  • Modular design, easy to maintain and replace
  • Harmless to the human body: harmless to pacemakers, pregnant women, magnetic diskettes, recording cassettes, etc.
  • Audible alarm and LED indicator on both sides.
  • 33 zones, adjustable sensitivity: each zone has 100 sensitivity levels
  • ABS material for the entire machine, both body and control unit
  • IP class is optional for IP65
  • Solid aluminum to protect 4 sides so that the shape doesn’t change

Equipment features

Gross weight60KG
Power sourceAC100V-240V
Operating temperature-20℃-+50℃
Work frequency4KHZ-8KHZ
Standard external size2300mm(H)X820mm(W)X600mm(D)
Standard internal size2050mm(H)X740mm(W)X500mm(D)
Packaging size for door panels2260*560*200mm *1ctn
Packaging size for control unit1025*820*400mm*1ctn


Gantry metal detector UM500 Morocco


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A. 5 digital LED numbers: show and easily count the passengers ;

B. Integrated circuit board

C.Tamper indication;

D. Foot cover: Easy sturdiness;

Safe and harmless

Harmless to the human body: harmless to pacemakers, pregnant women, magnetic diskettes, recording cassettes, etc.

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Gantry metal detector UM500

Gantry metal detector UM500 is suitable for rapid security screening, where intelligent channel management is required, such as subway stations, customs ports, airports, railway stations, hospitals, schools, communities, supermarkets, clubs, businesses and institutions.

Product and service quality

Gantry metal detector UM500a New-POS innovation for advanced access control. Our commitment to quality is reflected in every detail of this product, ensuring unsurpassed safety.

Gantry metal detector UM500 and other products from Security scanners & gates are available at new-pos. Our dedicated team is on hand to provide all the information and support you need to choose the Access control solution that offers the right security for your facility.

Thanks to our national presence, our Security scanners & gates solutions are available in Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech, Agadir, Tangier and other Moroccan cities. New-POS strives to meet your needs quickly and efficiently, wherever you are in the kingdom.

For special projects, our team is ready to develop customized solutions. Request a quote today and find out how our Security scanners & gates can be perfectly adapted to your unique needs.

New-POS, your trusted partner for intelligent, reliable access control in Morocco.

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Gantry metal detector UM500

Gantry metal detector UM500

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Gantry metal detector UM500

Gantry metal detector UM500

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